15 Awesome Pictures

Awesome Pictures

Collection of 15 best pictures around the internet, some are real photos, some are photoshoped, but these awesome pictures are really inspiring:

Picture 1:
Awesome photos
Picture 2:
Awesome photos
Picture 3:
Awesome photos
Picture 4:
Awesome photos
Picture 5:
Awesome photos
Picture 6:
Awesome photos
Picture 7:
Awesome photos
Picture 8:
Awesome photos
Picture 9:
Awesome photos
Picture 10:
Awesome photos
Picture 11:
Awesome photos
Picture 12:
Awesome photos
Picture 13:
Awesome photos
Picture 14:
Awesome photos
Picture 15:
Awesome photos

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  • Ben Said:

    Where is the one with the hole in the water?

  • jackson Said:

    Really nice pics. Each tells a story … I love em. Especially the one with the cat, kid and fish in the bowl.

  • crystal Said:

    very beautiful

  • Gary Said:

    Without a shadow of a doubt, those above are some of the finest images, technically and artistically, that I have ever seen.

  • Erik Said:

    Every time I see your pictures are phenomenal!!!

  • me Said:

    thousands of years from now, I guarantee, that this page will have been preserved in gold and granite monuments, perched atop the new north pole of the earth, not understood by the natives of the new land, for english will be forever gone, yet still admired as a beacon of days when the earth was still fresh with beautiful things.

  • bowloftoast Said:

    I think the one with the hole is in the reservoir above the hoover dam. it’s a drainage tunnel to prevent the water from getting too high.

  • kenny Said:

    It’s all been done. Nothing new here. Also: “each one tells a story”? really really, thats the best you could do? Have you ever had a creative thought in your head or have you lived with cliches for your entire life. Please do enlighten us with some of these “stories”.

  • wtf kenny Said:

    anger issues?

  • wam Said:

    i think it should say which photos are real, and which are fake. better yet, have a separate album for each, don’t combine real photos with fake ones – that make no sense. other than that, i’m not really sure what’s so awesome about the pic of the girl, there are millions of photos online like that, nothing special at all about it.

  • trix Said:

    truly nice, i really appreciate the eye for the sunset-palm one and the coffee-kiss one and the train-art — inspiring.

  • will Said:

    the one with the water is at Monticello dam at lake Berryessa in northern California. We call it the Glory Hole ;)

  • douchebag Said:

    ‘shopped, you can tell by the pixels

  • kevin Said:


  • zonk Said:

    Nice pics!
    But where´s the town with all these nice colourful houses?

  • paolo Said:

    very very very interesting.I was really afraid at the water hole

  • Bird Lives Said:

    It is really sad to see some one like this kenny shmuck pollute a message board with the stupid sarcasm that only people with identity and anger issues send out. Hey kenny why don’t you STFU and GFY and try understanding what really intelligent people would write.
    The rest of us can discuss thep post and you can move to Alaska and be with your hero Sarah Palin.

  • Dorela Said:

    Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing..

  • jeff Said:

    the picture is not real…

  • Al Said:

    Don’t be a dick Kenny!!

  • cody Said:

    Hey, some great images here…where is that one with the mountains and the lake (with the boats on it)? I would like to move there, immediately.

  • Kirstie Said:

    These are amazing. Super creative and imaginative and all things that are good. :D

  • Jovan Said:

    @Bird Lives:

    Yes, you did a wonderful job of not littering the message board. In fact, associating a specific political candidate with someone’s dislike of these photos when there are no actual ties is a GREAT way to avoid littering the message board.

    I really fail to see how telling someone you know absolutely NOTHING about to “go live with their Hero Sarah Palin” is an insult. Why don’t you take your political insults somewhere else, like an Obama fan club.

    See, I can do it too.

  • john Said:

    Bird lives, don’t be an idiot, just because the guy doesn’t like the pictures doesn’t mean he is a conservative. He sounds more like a liberal to me, acting like he is some kind of authority on photography when he is really just an elitist douche.

  • Izzy Said:

    to those that say ‘photoshopped’ ‘this is horrible’ what do you live to make peoples lives horrible? i mean wtf. xD of course its photoshopped, a lot of it is. theres no way you could get fire and water in that cup like that, duh. that hoe isnt real duh. gosh do you think youre the only ‘genius’ that could tell? Bravo. Jeeze.

    These images are breathtaking. <3 great post.

    (reach me at brenana93@yahoo.com)

  • Jonathan Said:

    Its really nice to see that we have such amazing artist in our time. I wana meet this artist and find out what he/she is taking ;)

  • awestruck Said:

    hey kenny man,,…..it’s not your fault….it’s not your fault!

  • Sabrina Said:

    I am amazed with the saturation, well done!

  • dayes Said:

    i’d love to know where that coffee sculpture photo came from. i’d buy it (if it’s affordable).

  • Dom Said:

    why is there always one person who has to say “photoshoped”? The man said pictures NOT photographs.

  • Xemanhdep.com photos gallery-Photos stock& Blog Archive & 15 Awesome Pictures - L3AK Magazine Said:

    […] Article Source: Xemanhdep.com photos gallery-Photos stock& Blog Archive & 15 Awesome Pictures […]

  • Alexandra Said:

    The picture of the colorful buildings- I’ve been there! That picture really does it justice, it’s a beautiful photograph.

  • hill Said:

    I believe the little town is Riomaggiorre in Cinque Terre, Italy, but am not sure, definitely one of the five

  • Isaac Said:

    To people like Kenny, does it really matter if an imaged is Photoshopped to make it better? Be reasonable, what would a lot of the photos out there look like without digital enhancement? Photoshopping is a skill in it’s own right, and deserves respect for the artist. Bravo, these are great shots.

  • Martin Lewis Said:

    Very nice collection.

  • Richspace Said:

    Beautiful pictures. Some woeful comments. Beauty is in the state of the beholder ? Poor old Kenny

  • Frank Comando Said:

    Kenny, you have proven that all your taste is in your mouth, then again you have to be intelligent to have taste , your comment tells me your IQ is equal to that comment.

    GREAT PICS! would love to know the locations…

  • Robby G Said:

    Just be blind to them haters. Nice photos.

  • Alyson Said:

    The second to last picture, with the lake and the mountains, is somewhere in Norway, I can’t remember where exactly.

  • Sanne Said:

    The 2 cups picture is actually a piece of art in a museum. The “glas” looking fields are irrigated with the reflection of the sky and sun they look like pieces of glass. I think it’s Tailand or Tibet. They mostely do this in Tibet. Most pictures are real some are photoshoped. But I absolutely love them! They’re gorgeous!

  • GJP Said:

    The second from the bottom is absolutely stunning.

    Kenny I think you should probably publish your own pictures instead of deriding others to bolster your own self esteem. It is really sad when “critics” have an axe to grind because of their own inadequacies.

    Great pictures, keep it up.

  • Captainllama Said:

    Beautiful, fresh, surprising images.
    Re: kenny, wam, douchebag, jeff. They are “pictures” not reportage and as such it is valid to include manipulations. It is fairly clear ‘the paint’ and ‘the fire in glass’ are composites, probably the colour has been enhanced in the village and others, and after all we manipulate reality the moment the shutter is pressed. ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’~Magritte, ‘the picture is not real . . .’ ~jeff

  • Dainis Graveris Said:

    Sooo beautiful! I have no words to say – loving this!

  • Eduardo Mucelli Said:

    That colourful houses are from “La Spezia, Italy”

    It’s a little photoshoped to increase the colours and contrast, but it’s awesome anyway.

  • Gavin Said:

    The picture with the colorful houses is Manarola, and it is one of the villages in the Cinque Terre in Italy. That one’s been modified a wee bit to enhance the colors but they really are quite beautiful. Great selection of images!

  • Jen Said:

    Wow. These are absolutely STUNNING! Amazing work!

  • roentarre Said:

    Simply stunning series of photographs

  • Jessica Said:

    Wow, what’s with Kenny?
    He needs to be more open minded :] Very beautiful photographs.
    Keep them coming :D

  • Henk de Groen Said:

    That hole is in a artificial lake in Macedonia, near Debar.
    This water runs to a power station.

  • When the dam breaks my town is gone. Said:

    That ‘hole’ is more commonly called the glory hole. Located at the Monticello Dam at Lake Berryessa. Lived below this Dam for the first 23 years of my life. It is a real neat spectacle to see when the lake overflows into the hole for release. For more info here is a link. http://www.usbr.gov/mp/berryessa/facts.html

  • Johnny Said:

    OK then, Kenny. What would you say besides, “All been done, nothing new here”. Is that the best you could do? The putting down of others is the easiest form of criticism. How old are you…17?

  • lucy Said:

    the one with the plughole could be the lady bower reservoir near sheffield. its strange to see, from the edge of the reservoir you lean out to look down the plug hole and you can see about 10 feet down but you can’t see the bottom, its a very deep hole.

  • jim t Said:

    THe hole in the water is Lake Berryessa 20 miles east of Napa CA, the largest Glory hole in USA. This is the spill way of a dam.

  • that guy Said:

    kenny, wam, douchebag, jeff… you will get it one day… angry increasing… love of art fading… relax and show some respect for the time.

  • Hannah Said:

    breath taking

  • aidan Said:

    cool pics..love tha water with a hole..

  • Michael J Said:

    The village in the photograph is indeed in the Cinque Terre on the Italian coat but it is Manarola: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinque_Terre
    for a slighltly less Technicolor version.

  • pete Said:

    First I’d like to say the “palm” in the photo is really a dandylion at it’s seed stage(I think)but total beauty and great artful eyes.comments of disscusting content should not be retorted to, this is a way for some small minded individuals to get attention their parents failed to give them.

  • Bea Said:

    Where was the picture of the rice terraces taken?

  • johnny Said:

    a load of funky pictures turns into a bickerfest between a bunch of kids, evolution at work

  • Bob Fry Said:

    The hole in the water is the “morning glory” spillway for Monticello Dam in California.

  • xoxo Lisha Said:

    Wow. Those are all absolutely amazing.
    Like…breath taking.

  • Diane Said:

    I love your photo of Manarola in the Cinque Terre. I especially love the angle, because my photos were mainly on the ‘lovers walk’ between Manarola and Corniglia, and were lower. Beautiful!

  • Brianna Said:

    I love the one with the flower and the sunset behind it. It must have been hard to get that lined up.

  • tanny Said:

    Absolutely amazing.

  • Anonymous Said:

    15 תמונות מדהימות…

    בכל אחת מהן יש משהו מיוחד….

  • Googie Said:

    The Glory Hole:

  • Khat Baker Said:

    Lake Barryessa in Northern California.

  • Viva Kenny! Said:

    Kenny rules. This is corporate art. All it says is ‘ooh look at my technical skill, ooh ooh ooh yeah’

  • George Erdosh Said:

    Your photos are simply awesome! I wish you had some labels added…

  • P@r@noid Said:

    Love the third one

  • rt Said:

    the town in italy is corniglia from the cinque terra. i stayed in one of those houses. its easy to confuse the towns but that is the famous mermaid cove in corniglia

  • Terry Said:


  • Si Said:

    Kenny is a troll, trying to illicit comment, don’t give it too him!

    The kid and the cat rule.

  • abdeali mithai Said:

    Your photos are simply awesome&amazing. iwant 2 now which place is de 9th one.

  • Stephanie Ciccarelli Said:

    Those are stunningly beautiful images! Thank you for posting them.

  • Cool Pictures Said:

    awesome collection
    the wwf one is very sick!

  • Donnie Key Said:

    WoW!!! If you took these you have seen the world thru the eyes of God!!! Thank You for Sharing Them

  • Siren Said:

    That coffee kiss sculpture is featured in an airport in Hong Kong I think :] It’s amazing.

  • Olivier Jules Said:

    amazing shots!

  • Jillian Said:

    These are absolutely amazing.

  • Kyle Said:

    2nd pic from the bottom, where is this?

  • Adelle Said:

    The one of the rice patties: I want to commission a stained glass work that looks just like it. But my favorite of all of these is the train, with the guy looking out…it is sort of mind-bending and freaky.

  • neal kernohan Said:

    I’m curious who took all of these photographs. Do you have a list of the photographer(s) that you could post as some of these are truly inspiring? No 14 especially for me. thanks.

  • Rgm480 Said:

    Amazing pictures. I loved the one with the colorful house over the riff.

  • ivy janella (philippines) Said:

    i like it… all those pictures were amazing…

  • dauque Said:

    kenny was right, if a little harsh. These are all nice, but I’ve seen other versions of them for years now. And, the comments on this board are not discussions, but merely congratulations–each is a repeat of the one before.

    I like the city with the river coming out of a massive tube thing–it strikes me as being subtly post-apocalyptic. The train image is nicely disorienting–everything seems perfectly parallel, so it takes a good moment to see that it is sideways. I think you should be careful of your cityscapes–they look a lot like the hyped-up, cheesy landscapes people sell as postcards. You might be going for that (perhaps shooting for magazines), so whatevs.

  • Peugot Said:

    It is a good collection, but what’s with the message board. You can’t just have compliments without critiques. Shame on the noobs who condemn Kenny for not seeing what they see. If an image is photoshopped then it can’t be viewed from the same perception as one that is not. Cameras make photographs, what does Photoshop make?
    I would have to agree with Kenny, the images may be very technically skilled but I am more of a fan of the basics, leave the computer out of your Dark Room.
    Art is as much about the process as the product. If your going to get upset because someone doesn’t like your art then don’t become an artist or join a photoblog website.

  • Alan Said:

    Coastal Village with Coloured Houses reminds me of Tobermory Isle Of Mull Scotland ,

    Thank you for sharing this & others,,,,,,,,,,

  • IMG Said:

    Very nice collection!

  • Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Said:

    These are really amazing photos, especially the one where it looks like the river in the city is coming out of a barrel.

    ~ Kristi

  • RED Said:

    To all who have something against photoshop: Get over it. There is nothing wrong with using software to touch up photographs. Ansel Adams using burning and dodging techniques in the dark room back in his day. Post processing has been a staple of photography for many many years now. Almost every pic you see in ads, magazines, and various other places have been post processed in some way. The fact that we have a great program to do amazing things with is nothing to be ashamed of. I am sure if AA was around today he would dabble in PS as well. I can’t stand it when the “shopped” comments are made. Big deal. PS takes skill and patience to create these aw inspiring photos.

  • someone Said:

    For those having difficulty discerning some objects, the river is actually coming out of a paint can. You can see the cheap handle and the ‘lip’ that paint cans have.

    I think the cat’s reflection in the cat-fish-baby picture should have been more opaque like the baby’s. Still, very cool images. The valley (last one) was my favorite.

  • gc Said:

    lake berryessa

  • und abgesehen davon . . . » Tumblr komprimiert #18 Said:

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  • REZA Said:

    thanks for these wonderful images.

  • Rob Wallace Said:

    My favorite is the cat-beta fish-baby. I like phots in this collection for inspiration to write music for moation pictures. Especially nature oriented documentatries. Thanks!

  • adrian(jamacan badman) Said:

    my fav is the 1 with the big cylinder in the middle of the city

  • craig Said:

    the one with the whole in the lake is actully in wales its the lake for electric mountian what it does is pump water up to the top of the mountian when the elec is cheaper then it drops it through a turbine :)

  • deepikapub Said:

    mind blowing pix..thanx

  • Paul Said:

    Actually, I agree with kenny. You don’t credit the original artists. You haven’t done anything productive.
    Why don’t you make a list of something YOU’ve created instead of just collecting other people’s material?

  • Joel Said:

    Very Enjoyable and relaxing…Thankx

  • mainstreetcm Said:

    very badass pictures. In some of them the color just pops off my screen… i love it!

  • B Read Said:

    I Google earthed the town of Riomaggiorre Italy. Sure looks like the picture with all the colorful houses It also looks like the basic platform of the game (half-Life2 Lost Coast) Darn close. No matter very impressive

  • Tannie Said:

    Is the one with the hole in the water real?! Its so crazy… All of these are awesome.

  • Tommy Said:

    You have to admit though..it has all been done before. You think that coffee cup sculpture hasn’t been photographed before? Come on. Sure they are great pics, but they are photoshopped manips, mostly. That just doesn’t bring in as much respect as ‘real’ photography does, get over it. Go to http://www.deviantart.com and you will be assaulted by thousands of images just like these. Maybe Kenny really has seen them all before.

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  • Jay Versluis Said:

    Superb collection!

  • versluis.com » Blog Archive » 15 Awesome Pictures Said:

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  • allyssa Said:

    i love these pictures. they are absolutely breathtaking!!

  • BMA Said:

    I love those pictures! :)

  • RON Said:

    stop worrying about what kenny thinks,it’s just what he needs,and just enjoy the pictures

  • natalie Said:

    its the world’s largest drain, in northern california. its the monticello dam.

  • will Said:

    Great post! Beautiful images that kept me saying “Wait baby, come back and look at this one”

  • Anna Said:

    You have some absolutely amazing stuff here! I love the sunset through the seedpod thing (can’t remember what they’re called!)

  • alee Said:


  • jackell Said:

    i am verry impressed with the coffee kisses pic, and the cat, the fish, and the baby. after viewing the opinions of the whole debate of the originality of the pictures, id have to say that i think that even though the pictures are captivating, the originality of being un-shoped is in question, still, they look damm good.

  • George Said:

    zonk: The town in the 6th image from the top is Cinqueterre. Check out LeCinqueterre.org
    The Cinque Terre are one of the most uncontaminated areas in the Mediterranean Sea. Five miles of rocky coast among two promontories, thousands of kilometres of dry-laid stone walls, five small towns castled up on stone spurs in minuscule creeks. For their history and their position, the Cinque Terre have not suffered a massive expansion. The vineyards, typical of this area, have contributed to create a unique landscape with dry-laid stone walls, winding paths, enchanting beaches between cliffs and clear waters.

  • Zack Said:

    Amazing photos, so beautiful.

  • tamsin Said:

    HDR has ruined photography.

  • Let the journey begin! Week 1 | Frankly Franklin Said:

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  • ugooh Said:


  • Emma Said:

    The colourful town is in Manarola, Italy. It’s a beautiful place!

  • JoK Said:

    Don’t be blind to the haters, haters make us stronger…

    Drink in their hate and use their critique to make yourself the best you can be.

    I don’t care what any of them say… I’m in awe of the beauty of these pictures. The dandelion one is my favorite and the coffe kiss is a close second.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!

  • sir jorge Said:

    those photos are astonishing.

  • Cheese Said:

    The one with the hole in the water might be from Lake Dillon, CO. When the snowpack thaws in the mountains, Lake Dillon fills up and there’s an underground pipeline that flows the water down to Denver. Its pretty cool.

  • Ongelooflijke foto’s « Whittret Said:

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  • Ajeet Napier-Switzman Said:

    Absolutely amazing pictures! Thank you so much for sharing! I love finding gems like this during my random cyber-perusings.

    What software was used? So crisp, so clean. Kudos!

  • RBC Said:

    the hole in the water is called a ‘glory hole’ (hee hee).

  • Cassidy Said:

    Oh my god how dare u Kevin that was cruel tho ruin people’s inspiration like that with your stupid words of criticism
    But i love these pics they are amazing i looooooove the 1 with the fire and water in a cup amazing phenomenal!

  • FallenAngel64 Said:

    I so enjoyed viewing all your pictures… very nice indeed… Please continue to keep up the good work… your putting smiles on peoples faces… Unlike this Kenny dude… To be honest I read most of the post’s hear and from what I gather… Kenny is sooooo JEALIOUS…hahaha :)

    Wishing you much continued success…
    Grow up Kenny A-HOLE…

  • nedzad Said:

    Hole in water is NEVADA I think. It is that big hydropowerplant.

  • hannah Said:

    i think you all should stop arguing. the photos are really cool. i really like them. if its ps, so what? their really well done anyway. jiz.
    i really love them.

  • SpaceyZimmy Said:

    Stumbled, and I loved. I enjoy pics like these that have been enhanced or photoshopped because to me they are very inspirational and awe-inducing. I mean beauty is everywhere and in everything, but it takes a gifted person to be able to put their own beauty in a picture that wasn’t there previously and put it up for others to enjoy. Its just fun to see the way some people’s minds work sometimes. Very beautiful indeed. Thank you for making my day.

  • mrs.cullen Said:

    way to go kenny lol i loved ur comment its histarical but really can you do better? i think not so dont insult them. except the one of the girl. wtf thats like antm every week.

  • photo wiz Said:

    Can anyone say Photoshop?

  • Photo Wiz is a moron Said:

    Wow photo wiz(AKA Captain Obvious) you are a genius. I thought for sure that the paint can was real. You should sign up for the Photoshop Police and join the countless other morons that polute message boards with your ridiculous comments. Get a life. You obviously fancy yourself as a “photo wiz” but based on your comment I would say you are anything but.

  • RED Said:

    I’m with the last post. photowiz is an idiot. lol….. captain obvious…. that is hilarious.

  • david Said:

    Great photos, but now I must tell some people about a cool figure on the net called Google:
    This is the world’s largest drain hole, and is located at the Monticello Dam in northern California. When the dam reaches capacity the spillway swallows water at a rate of 48,800 cubic feet per second, emptying about 700 feet away.


    now you know PAX

  • anon Said:

    people, not every person has to say where that house picture is at. it’s already been said here like 20 times lawl. anyways, who cares if the images are cropped? they’re creative, so deal with it. and that kenny guy isn’t even here anymore so stop bitching about it.

  • sarah Said:

    oh my gosh. i would buy the one with the sunset behind the fuzzy flower. love it. and where the hell is the one with the lake reflection? thats effing gorgeous.

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  • trevor Said:

    i just masterbated and came all over over myself

  • Tink Said:

    I think they are all beautiful. And to the people who keep saying “photoshopped” and whatever, who cares? It still takes creativity and talent to get them that way? I think your just jealous because you didn’t think of it first. Besides, how many peoples bodies are real nowadays, all your playboy bunnies…not only are they photoshopped, they are silicon as well. Get over it.

  • Karin Said:

    Where are the two last pictures from. I love the picture you have posted, how did you get around to finding them all?

  • Fefy Said:

    The one of the hole in the water is in Puerto Rico

  • Some Great Photos to Inspire Your Day Said:

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  • joel markgraf Said:

    In a World full of bad pictures, how refreshing!!!

  • heather Said:

    does anybody know where the winter scene is? it’s gorgeous and i would love to move there asap:P

  • Matt Zeller Said:

    The hole in the water is located in Lake Owyhee, near Meridian, Idaho.

  • Jim (365,000 words) Said:

    Nice photos… but both out curiosity and as a photographer, it would be nice if the photos were labeled and/or credited and/or linked to the original sources. Photographers/artists deserve credit for their work, as well as viewers having the chance to know more about the images.

  • Some Great Photos to Inspire Your Day Said:

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  • Anonymous Said:

    […] Imagenes: Buenas pics. […]

  • MattmanChat Said:

    Fantastic collection!

  • Marquis Van De Mark Said:

    Awesome pictures, almost unreal

  • sandra duchoud Said:

    porque los comentarios y las opiniones tienen que ser en ingles solamente , tambien habemos personas que hablamos español y ni siquiera podemos enterarnos de que se tratan los detalles adjuntos de cada fotografia y menos de las opiniones de aquellos que lo hacen, deberian de colocas una opcion para poder leer en español grasias.

  • Canada Said:

    That last shot looks like from atop Castle Mountain, Alberta, Canada.

    Can you confirm?

  • danny di zaster Said:

    omg that is so obviously photoshopped. y cant photographers these days do their own work, they just rely on machines. i think it totally dehumanizes the art

  • Andrew Said:

    that hole looks like the artificial sinkhole used in dams, i remember seeing one somewhere in ireland an age ago but this picture is still beautifully amazing. Anyone agree?



  • hz Said:

    kenny is bored. it can be an uncomfortable sensation. i empathise, even if he was a little blunt. as for saturation, some of these images are the visual equivalent of being force-fed unto death mixed lollies (penny candies). if only it wasn’t so; they could have been really beautiful

  • truduck Said:

    where is number 9 and what is it? (the big round thing over the water…)

  • claudia Said:

    where is the color buildings picture from?

  • Joe Pollard Said:

    Owyhee Resevoir in Oregon is my guess.

  • Tristan Said:

    I love these pictures, some more so than others…

    FOR ALMOST ALL OF YOU, READING THE INTRODUCTION TO A WEB-PAGE MAY SERVE YOU WELL: “Collection of 15 best pictures around the internet, some are real photos, some are photoshoped (sic), but these awesome pictures are really inspiring”

    It will save you a lot of grief ;-)

  • sidewallfusion Said:

    A beautiful selection of pictures, they show the skill and dedication of the people who created them.
    Thanks for taking the time to collect and share them with us.

  • Maria Conley Said:


  • clippingimages Said:

    Really great. Thanks for sharing this nice collections.

  • suck my dick until it cums on ur face =] Said:

    Some of these are just pure awesome. I don’t like photoshopunless its minor, like the one with coloured houses in Cinque Terre. What I don’t get is the picture of the girl. wtf? that is one of the worst pictures i’ve ever seen!

    anyway, kenny is right so stop criticising him. These would be alot better if they were real, unless its like the coffee and the cup with the fire. Those two are meant to be photoshopped. Pictures of nature, or anything that’s real being photoshopped is just stupid.

  • lol Said:

    most of em were good

  • So many noobs... Said:

    All I have to say is if you don’t like the pictures being taken, instead of whimpering like little children about how sad it is we photoshop our pictures and how “kenny,” (who ever the hell that special little waste of air is) is right, maybe you can spend money, buy a real camera, and not one of those ridiculous point and shoots, and post your own pictures. Then, after every moron on the internet uses your pictures to make political and religious statements, snarks away at how “lame” and “crappy” everything looks, and ruins what should ever have been just constructive criticism, you can open your tiny, insignificant minds, and realize that the real wonder is that any of you knows how to type on a computer-you wouldn’t know photography if someone took off a REAL camera and decked you in the face with it.

  • Tim Said:

    Number 7 is from the WWF website. Its a PSA on how paint cans pollute the rivers. The one of the night snow scene is georgous tho.

  • Jamaica Said:

    awesome pics ….. it would be nice if everyone could see these things in reality …

  • aloha Said:

    all picture beatiful. thnx for sharing.

  • europeiswaiting Said:

    The colorful houses of Cinque Terre made my heart melt. The most beautiful place in all of europe that I have been.

  • andrew Said:

    These are lovely pictures but not original at all. Everyone who has ever been to cinque terra has that exact picture. My little brother could take that picture of the water hole. They are lovely, yes. But it’s been done before. Good work though.

  • Dobier Said:

    the baby is so cute!!!however,i prefer picture 14,ha ha…

  • brandy Said:

    omg amazing pictures!!!!i loved the snow village one realy pretty!

  • Bob Said:

    Great pictures. The best 15 on the internet? Kind of pushing it.
    Also, I wish I had a penny for every time somebody spelled ‘photoshopped’ ‘photoshoped’.

  • Lisa Said:

    I wish there was info on each picture… if it was Photoshopped or not… where it was taken, etc.

  • brian Said:

    its too good….i love it…

  • Subrata Deb Said:

    for all these charming pictures I donot know how to express in words. Please advise location of these pictures.

  • Nic {luzia pimpinella} Said:

    i think that i am missing ANY credit or linkback to the photographers! i guess that they are not taken by the owner of this website.

    all i can see are lots of ads to make money popping up under each single photograph.

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