Top 10 most popular posts of 2008

To celebrate a new year and the end of 2008, here’s best post of the year list: Top 10 most popular posts of 2008 on Xemanhdep photo gallery, according to Google Analytics:

1.Graffiti art photos – A gallery about graffiti art, all the best graffiti arts I collected around the internet:

2.Wild big cat photos – Some awesome wild big cat photos, I also received many comments on this post:

3.Amazing landscape photos – see the beauty of nature photos:

4.Beautiful HDR photos(part 1) – the art of HDR photos:

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5.Beautiful flower and water drops photos – I’m sure this the best flower photos you’ve ever seen:

6.Christmas wallpaper – some beautiful Christmas wallpaper:

7.The art of typography – typography art works:

8.Inside Google office photos – Google office pictures – see Google office photos here, a wonderful place to work:

9.Cute cat photos – cute little kittens:

10.Unicorn pegasus pictures-Unicorn pegasus photos – Unicorn pegasus from fairy tales:

And so much more best photos waiting you in 2009!!! Happy new year 2009^^

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